Electrical retail trends for 2019

It may come as a surprise to many to see British retailer Argos comes out on top for the online share of voice (SOV), beating US giants Amazon and Apple. This seems to point towards the idea that consumers favour retailers with strong brand values offering, superior e-commerce branding, in-store design and a vast number of electrical goods at great prices, rather than those specialising in just a few products, such as Apple and Samsung who also underpin their product offering with innovative e-commerce branding and store design.

Of the top 20 sites in the electrical leaderboard, four are mobile carrier brands, two are hardware brands and one is a review site. Interestingly enough, Google itself shows up in the top 20, as it has recently started selling electricals via an e-commerce site of its own.

UK electricals leaderboard: SOV in Google
1) Argos 7.43pc
2) Currys 7.19pc
3) Carphone Warehouse 5.78pc
4) Amazon 5.54pc
5) Apple 4.64pc
6) Samsung 3.35pc
7) TechRadar 2.48pc
8) Wikipedia 2.27pc
9) Tesco Mobile 1.85pc
10) AO 1.66pc
11) John Lewis 1.66pc
12) Appliances Direct 1.64pc

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Here are several ideas to consider when a retailer wishes to reimage the store:

Be more than a store – Retailers need to ensure that their stores remain relevant and consumers want to keep coming back to them. Retailtainment is more important than ever, and stores need to be more than just places to pay and collect.

Put digital in your brick and mortar brand environment – Retailers are realising that the biggest impact that digital can have on their business is in-store. Some of the most innovative and compelling store brands make digital a fundamental component when planning the physical experience.

Sell online instore – Online retailers are turning to stores to help them grow their businesses and help service their customers. But these are very different stores, ones that look to replicate the online experience in the offline world.

Some retailers are making online shopping easier than ever with fast track and store pickup. Order the products you need from wherever's most convenient for you, then pick up the items at the store for free as soon as today. Shoppers save money on shipping costs and enjoy even more value with discounts on items they pick up in store.

Transform your business - Your customers, competition and culture are always changing.

Answer the direct question – Everyone wants to be a retailer. New technologies and platforms are already enabling brands to go direct to consumers. Brands are targeting individual consumers with offers and experiences and retailers need to respond by intensifying their focus on their consumers.

Discover the value of your brand values – Brand authenticity and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in retail. Consumers want to associate themselves with brands that have a sense of purpose and represent their views, beliefs and values. 

The electrical and technology store has a great future but it will be different from the recent past.

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