Some of the supermarket trends we predict for 2020

Simplifying apps, evolving in-store dining and expanding micro-fulfilment will be actively pursued for grocery retailers in the year ahead, says Campbell Rigg

Is small the new Superstore?
We are observing a decrease in the super-sized stores of the past with new supermarkets being built with a smaller footprint to allow for lower break-even levels. This size also is more appealing for customers, allowing for a faster shopping experience.

An even smaller version is the pop-up grocery stores that are appearing in food deserts (low-income locations without access to grocery stores) to offer fresh and healthy food to locals. These mini-stores are also popping up in urban areas that don’t have the footprint for a full-size supermarket. These urban pop-ups can appear on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule in trailers and community events can even be planned around these times.

Retailers are seeing a big opportunity with consumers actually buying local, not just saying it as lip service as previous generations might have. Grocers are putting an extra focus on particular tastes of local communities and the importance of supporting local companies. They’re curating an assortment of local products that also gives them a chance to rotate frequently to increase customer interest and add a fun element to shopping.

Consumer behaviour is changing and supermarket design needs to change with them. At Campbell Rigg, we've been analysing the latest trends growth throughout Europe and the near East and believe that there are key shifts that have changed consumer behaviour. Weekly shopping is declining and top-up shopping increasing dodgy and in-store design r combining forces to carve out traditional centre store purchases to disrupt the whole industry time starvation has given rise to food and grab and go options and discounts for challenging traditional grocers more than just discounted prices there is so much change happening supermarket formats need to create innovative customer-centric shopping experiences which meet demands of the modern shopper that's why weird Campbell Rigg have created the supermarket for 2020 revision for grocery new stores to how they might experience grocery the current store layouts I no longer meet the demands of today's customers we think the store of the future will have a host of customer-centric features multi-channel and convenient shopping and giving way to a massive re-imagination of the centre store new click and collect areas are increasing and speciality food court and install dining and food to go offers provide convenience x first time-starved shoppers Click and Collect with the growth of Click and Collect there will be a reduction of the traditional grocery area engagement is increased at with an updated fresh and modern market feel

Private label products continue to show massive growth in supermarkets. No longer just the cheaper non-brand option, stores are creating private labels that reflect their own mission and values. Organic and natural labels will continue to see extra growth. Millennials are a big driver for this explosion, as this generation has proven to show less brand loyalty than previous generations. We have identified four priorities for success in 2020. 

They are:
Trend 1: Premium and speciality private-label rollouts will accelerate
Trend 2: Grocers will go big with micro-fulfilment
Trend 3: In-store dining will evolve
Trend 4: Retailers will play a deeper role in customer health 

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