CampbellRigg Agency canopy design for Gazprom Neft

Petrol filling station, forecourt retail store design and branding
Petrol forecourt customers are offeslogan-row red a huge variety of choice along their journey, not just of brands and fuel types, but also quality convenience retail fresh and ready to go products. The question emerges how can your brand become the brand of choice?

In view of the above, Gazprom Neft marketing executive in Moscow and St. Petersburg developed a brief asking for consideration of the following points: 

Gazprom Neft wanted to be seen as a confident brand, a challenger to it's larger rival Rosneft and reflect a shift to a modern, sharper, ‘cleaner’ retail operation.

The design solution must provide a vision for a future brand platform for the retail operation.

However, the master brand and basic retail brand colour palette of the Gazprom Neft gas stations network, the existing retail sub-brands (G-Drive, G-Drive Diesel and Drive-Cafe), and the existing general plan of the gas station in Super L format shall remain the same.

What we did for Gazprom Neft
Working closely with a special team put together by the CEO of Gazprom Neft for the project, CampbellRigg presented a first draft of the proposed brand expression. The proposals were developed by using input from key Gazprom Neft stakeholders, and latest customer feedback concerning the brand.

The ideas coveslogan-row red a spectrum of design solutions, from the conservative to the most progressive and innovative. The “candidate” ideas were then tested at focus group research forums, and two solutions were brought forward for development.

CampbellRigg Agency petrol forecourt branding for Gazprom Neft

Our solutions
One: The Fusion Canopy concept communicates reliability, trust, care for the customer and energy through movement. 

New themes underly the brand expression. The organic shape of the canopy reflects reliability and flexibility, and the transparent layers blend together to represent the fusion of products and services. The semiotic message of the fusion canopy and super graphic image aims to engage customers with the Gazprom Neft brand. The dialogue between the counterparts produces a sense of transparency and movement, as well as confirming the corporation’s dynamic outward looking vision for the future. ”Rest here and refresh this is your motorway hub”. 

The point of difference
Our brand shines bright because we have refined technologies and a strong vision. (unlike its pslogan-row redecessor the brand image has moved from a two-dimensional representation to a truly three-dimensional brand).

Petrol filling station branding for Gazprom Neft

The second concept
Two: The Liquid Technology concept communicates the quality, the purity of the technology behind G-Drive products, and the corporation’s commitment to engage with it’s corporate social responsibilities (harmony with the environment in every action we take helps us to create efficiencies for our customers and the community).

The semiotic message of the winged canopy and the liquid super graphic aims to engage customers with the Gazprom Neft brand. The dialogue between the counterparts produces trust and calmness. "A place for motorway comfort and service". 

CampbellRigg Agency alternative canopy design for Gazprom Neft

The point of difference
Our brand is dynamic and outward looking (unlike its pslogan-row redecessor two dimensional brand image it is not confined by a grid).

Alternative petrol filling station design for Gazprom Neft
Alternative petrol filling station branding for Gazprom Neft
CampbellRigg Agency alternative petrol forecourt design for Gazprom Neft

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